Are you looking for a business solution and not just a software that will make you work?

How well are you servicing your customers?

Can you track all the information about your client and share with your team anywhere?

Would you like to be able to plan and execute any set of actions from Pre-Sales to Post-Sales?

What is Okout?

Okout is a suite of business software created by Solaripe that empowers small and medium businesses to become efficient and grow. Okout takes guess-work out of the Sales & Customer Service & Business activities and creates a scientific approach.

By monitoring the activities of the Sales team and integrating with support activities companies can build efficient high performing teams. The time saving features of Okout enables Sales, Purchasing, Stores, Production, Accounts Support and Admin staff to be able to practically use the Software on-the-go. At an affordable price, Okout will add a lot of value to business operations in any industry.

Okout is cloud based which means that businesses can focus on what is important rather than spending money and time on IT infrastructure and back ups.

Key Features of Okout ERP

Okout ERP & CRM are configured to suit the client’s need whether you are a small retailer, a manufacturing unit or a project based industry we provide you with the right business solution.

Okout ERP

Extremely easy to use

4 modes of Sales & Billing - Cooperate, Small Business, POS, Mobile

VAN Sales Solution


Sales Planning

Geographic information

POS & Ezee POS

Multi dimensional Accounting, allowing instant analysis

Can integrate into other Accounting solutions

Easily accessible anywhere any time – cloud based

Minimum Data Entry

Cost effective

Sales & Customer Support in a single S/W

Business Process Identified and tracked - Built in workflow


Mobile App/Mobile friendly

Simple solution for Finance & VAT


Our solution monitors Sales, purchases and expenses and can track flow of cash inwards and outwards to provide a simplified view of your financials. By recording receivables and payables the solution provides an income statement for companies operating jurisdictions without legal requirement of double entry book keeping.


Our Solutions offer the simplest way to implement the legal requirements of VAT within UAE & GCC. Integrated into daily operations and with a minimum numbers of entries the system provides the required VAT statements without the need for complex accounting systems or auditing firms.

All functionalities are accessible from any location through the Internet.

Okout Mobile App

Whilst there the entire Okout Mobile App is mobile friendly and has been tested on a variety of Mobiles and Tablets; there are some functionality that really need a separate Mobile App. Primary amongst these is the Geographic Information feature. We repeatedly see Sales people in the field not using any applications as they are time consuming and laborious. Okout Mobile App resolves this problem by giving a one button solution for the Salesperson to record their position along with the absolute minimum amount of information; maybe with a picture whilst at the client location. Finally when the Salesperson is comfortably in their office, they can complete the information with minimum effort.

Okout Ezee-POS & Van Mobile Sales

There are two very special versions of Okout based on Android devices with built-in printers for:

Van Sales in distribution companies and

Small establishments

Ezee-POS allows small establishments such as traders, retailers and workshops to manage their entire business on our unique very easy to use mobile device interface. The device is built with multiple languages and can be used by just about anyone with no IT skills at all.

Finance & VAT reports are sent to our users monthly, quarterly and monthly.


For distribution companies Okout is the ideal solution for live recording of Sales and capturing geographic information. All usual controls are built-in to the system to allow you to succeed regardless of the skills of your workforce. So regardless of whether your have a few Salespeople/drivers or a complete fleet we are the right solution.

Also, did we mention?

Rapid implementation

Get up and running fast with data migration, installation, customization and training.

Business Processes

Build your internal workflows and business lifecycle stages.

Improve Collection

Ensure timely collection and payment follow-up. Bring your collection team in the process and keep your team informed of all events.



Unlimited contacts, custom fields, cases, and opportunities.

Data security

Your data is secure in a world-class data centre or in a data centre of your choice. Whilst you do not have to worry about Backups and other IT administration, you have the option to keep backup copies in your prefer location for further security.

Anywhere, anytime access

Easily access and update information from any device as long as you have access to the Internet.

Customised Saas

Okout CRM is the leading Saas Solution that has the ability to be customised to your needs. We believe that one-fits-all doesn’t always work, therefore where your needs differs we will ensure satisfactory delivery of the suitable solution.

No Need for IT Infrastructure or IT staff

We install, deliver, maintain, backup and service your Okout CRM product for you to access from anywhere without the need for investments in expensive IT equipment, Infrastructure or IT teams. With a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Okout CRM delivers you a high return on investment (ROI.)