About Us

Our Focus is Our Customers!

We are a set of professionals that have come together to combine all our various skills in order to achieve excellence. We firmly believe that commercial and technical excellence only comes through listening to customers. As a result, we take every effort to improve the lives of individual customers by ensuring that our Products and Services accomplish the intended results. We strive to constantly improve our services whilst ensuring always to provide the best-in-class products. We ensure that all our staff are leaders in their respective fields. Each member of the team dedicates time to develop each skills amongst team members to empower them to attain new heights.

We started activities in 2010; mainly focusing on trading but over time we have grown steadily by listening to our customers and employing the strengths in our team. The trading activities helped shape other divisions in the company where today the company’s main focus is technology, IT and Business Consultancy based around a solid software development and implementation team.

We are unique in many ways; probably above all we have been able to mix creativity, know-how and passion to create solutions to everyday problems. The diversified expertise on our team with experience of large scale and micro projects ensures that we have a holistic approach and an ability to find solutions that address the problem from every angle.

Our Approach

Our approach has been to create strategic tie ups with strong players in the market both locally and internationally to enable delivery of products and services to our clients. Through these partnerships, we have access to a wide range of geographically spread customers as well as know-how and expertise.

As policy we ensure that we only present our business partners with safe workable solutions that ensure safety, transparency and reliability. All Products, Services and contracts we undertake will have no risk for either side and will follow sound business practices.

Our Values

We understand the pains and risks involved for all our customers whether they are the end-users of one of our Software or Organisations looking for consultancy or a trader looking to procure cost effective products; we undertake to mitigate all the risks.

Regardless of the Product or Service our approach is to ensure that all sides in a transaction are completely satisfied, safe and in control. Our partners and customers rely on us because of our ability to stay for the long term, properly mitigate risk and for being able to formulate creative and effective solutions that deliver results.

We ensure that our customers are well maintained and as a result we are the preferred supplier for the most of our customers.

Okout ERP

Okout is a set of business software tools that supports
small to medium businesses with everyday tasks. Okout focuses on ensuring all
tasks in the software are extremely easy to use, so you can start quickly, reduce
training and expand as you grow.


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