Software Development

Our Software development team has years of experience in building Software for Business, Industrial and Education applications. We are ready to assist at every stage of the Software development life cycle — from conceptualization to development, implementation and support.

Our Software engineers have a wealth of experience in building Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. We use the latest tools and techniques to transform a concept to the final Software product.

We are ready to study the problems in hand and try to help identify off-the-shelf products where applicable, but we fully understand that in some situations custom built Software is the right solution.

Software Services

Consulting & Conceptualization

Our analysts & implementation experts bring years of successful ERP, CRM and BPM Software implementation to the table. Guided by industry best practices, our experts can carry out feasibility studies, specify solutions and create prototypes to refine functionality in order to ensure Software solutions add value to your operations.

Design & Development

Our Software engineers use the latest technology to create stable, speedy and secure solutions to meet the defined specifications. We use a number of different development environments and frameworks to ensure we use the right tool for every job. Our engineers pay as much attention to the usability and aesthetics as they do the technical aspects.
Testing, QA & Support

We understand the cornerstone of any successful Software project is thorough testing and Quality Assurance. No Software project can be complete without continuous support to ensure all stakeholders can fully benefit from the functionalities and features.


Implementation is the art of ensuring business processes are in perfect synch with the functionality of the Software. We recognise that any business is a living organism with its own unique culture. As with any living organism, companies and individuals in the company build habits which may be hard to change as new Software is introduced; we understand the pains involved and help the client to manage the change effectively.

Okout ERP

Okout is a set of business software tools that supports
small to medium businesses with everyday tasks. Okout focuses on ensuring all
tasks in the software are extremely easy to use, so you can start quickly, reduce
training and expand as you grow.


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